Laura Keogan

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Bridge Realty, LLC

1101 E 78th St, Suite 300 Bloomington, MN 55420

Specialty and Education

  • GRADUATE, REALTOR®INSTITUTE (GRI) - National Association of Realtors.  This is a level of education that exceeds what is required merely to maintain a real estate license.
  • SENIOR REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST (SRES) - National Association of Realtors.  I am specially trained to work with elderly home sellers and their families. 
  • BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE - Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota
  • Experienced property investor and whole-home renovator - I have background in working with homes in need of TLC.  I have first-hand experience of what alterations and repairs may involve, both large and small.  My experience benefits both buyers and sellers.  For buyers, a more experienced eye can help to see beyond the cosmetics of a home as well as help in envisioning a home's potential.  (Please note that I am not a home inspector and my observations must not be relied upon in lieu of an evaluation by a certified home inspector.)  For sellers who are interested, I offer advice on fix-ups that have the biggest bang for the buck
  • Skilled in contract review, negotiation and execution, marketing and customer service - 20+ years business and  executive-level management experience contributes greatly to my skills in these areas


After years of buying and selling homes, both professionally as a property investor / home renovator and personally as a home owner, I decided it only made sense to take the next step to become a licensed REALTOR®. I thoroughly enjoy using my experience and skills to help others with their real estate needs.  Prior to my real estate career, I was in management with a Fortune 500 company, involved in contract writing, negotiation and execution, sales and marketing, as well as customer service.

Why Choose Me As your REALTOR®?

  • Integrity:  I will act in your best interest, for the best possible outcome for you.  
  • Empathy:  I have been in your shoes, as buyers and sellers, many times.  I have a personal understanding of what it feels like to be in your position, attempting to navigate the buying and selling process.  Although I will offer options in approach to your home sale or purchase, I will never pressure you toward a particular action or decision.
  • Customer-Focus:  Every job I have held in my life has involved customer service.   
  • Knowledge:  My experience serves my clients well.  My background in whole-home renovation is experience that allows me to offer a different perspective than that of many REALTORS®. My buyer clients appreciate how I help them to look closely at homes, beyond the cosmetics.  My seller clients appreciate my advice as to what today's buyers are looking for, as well as spruce-ups that can be done on a budget, if they wish. My former executive background is the reason I am very adept with contracts.  In real estate, there is no such thing as a verbal agreement or an email agreement - - if it is not in writing as a part of the formal purchase agreement contract and related signed documents, it is not legally binding.  It is important to have a realtor who is highly experienced with contracts.
  • Results:  From marketing and home search to closing, you deserve a professional who knows how to get results and who will commit to the time and effort to do so!
    • When buying in this competitive real estate market, we need to move quickly to view homes hitting the market and with an offer when you find the home that is right for you. Timely and effective negotiation is key.
    • When selling, you need a realtor who follows through with the plans and promises made.  I regularly "work" the marketing plan - I am not a "list it and forget it" agent!   
    • My flexibility in work schedule means that I am ready and able to get the job done!  With extensive business background, I understand well the need for effective and timely communication throughout the process.  
  • Problem-Solving:  I am a highly experienced problem-solver.  We will always strive for a smooth transaction, yet at times issues arise - I have the experience and skill set to effectively aid you in working through issues that arise.
  • SECURITY:  I use electronic lock boxes to allow real estate agents to show your home.  I receive email notifications whenever someone enters your home via the lock box, including the name of the agent and brokerage.  

When you choose me as your REALTOR®, you can rest assured that you have a knowledgeable and trusted adviser, strong advocate and skilled professional at your side.